Celebration of Life - Sat June 18 in Pemberton

Friday, June 17, 2011
From Tuula:

Please pass along the news and invite those you know, who knew Marty.

Let's Celebrate ALL that is Marty to ALL of us!!

To me...... These were some of the last words i typed to him..... I am
sure some of you shared these sentiments.....

"You are so AWESOME!! You have earned all the love and energy being
sent your way just by being such a positive, supportive, encouraging,
and solid friend!! Manifesting, believing, being inspired, taking
risks, exploring creativity, pushing limits, going beyond, exploring
mother nature, seeking wisdom, dancing your heart out, trusting your
intuition, being curious about human nature.... These are just a few
of your exceptional characteristics.

With this in mind... Let's Celebrate Life! As Marty would have loved it to be!!

The Celebration of Life will begin at 2pm on Saturday across the
street from Marty's house where his parents Anne and Don have been
staying. This will be an Open House and EVERYONE is welcome to drop
by. There will be a slide show and time to gather to share stories
with one another, with family and friends.

1366 Greenwood st
Pemberton BC


There will be an after gathering at Oni's property on Ivey Lake up
Reid Rd for those who would like to extend the celebration of Marty's
life through music and dance. There will be rustic lake side camping
available with access to an outhouse for those who wish to spend the
night. Everyone is welcome to join in on this extended celebration
and to feel free to extend the invitation to anyone who would wish to
share in remembering Marty together and celebrating his legacy as we
shall remember him.

1712 Reid Rd


This gathering will be a first among many to come! Lets celebrate
MARTY'S LIFE through DANCE and MUSIC the way he would want to be


Journey' End

Thursday, June 16, 2011
Martin has come to the end of his journey. He lost his courageous fight to cancer on June 15th. Thankfully, he went quickly in the last three days. He will be greatly missed by his family and many friends. We wish to thank the many people at helping hands who supported Martin through his illness. To Carolyn, Amy, and Oni who stayed with Martin until the end we owe you a special debt of gratitude by helping Martin through this journey and supporting us though this heartbreaking time. We have come to know you well and love you as Martin did.

In loving memory of our Son
Anne and Don Holloway

On Martin`s journey he spent a week with the Callanish Society ... a group that support people with cancer. This experience changed Martin it opened his heart and his mind.

Martin requests that if you make any donations please donate to:

The Callanish Society
on line at callanish.org. Donations.aspx

Callanish Society
2277 10th Ave. W.
Vancouver, BC V6K 2J1

The Nature Trust of BC
on line or
260-1000 Roosevelt Cres
North Vancouver, BC V7P 3R4
(604) 924-9771

from Amy

Sunday, June 12, 2011
Things here in Pemberton are intense, but in a calm way. The doctor was here yesterday, and although I wasn't here at the time, she said that it is not a matter of months, but rather weeks, or possibly less. Everyone was upset by this diagnosis. Marty and I were talking later in the evening and he expressed that he was envious that I have plans and hopes for the future and that he probably only has a few weeks left of hopes.  It was a sad moment.  I am trying to be present with Marty when I am with him, and it is difficult and complicated.  Sometimes when I think he is talking non-sensibly, I humor him a bit and ask questions in order to fall his thought process, and sometimes I discover that he is speaking metaphorically about life and his experience, like he is trying to tell me something from far away.

Marty is now on oxygen most of the time, and is blood oxygen saturation level drops low when he is not on it. He is only awake occasionally, and even then, he usually keeps his eyes closed. He talks but is only sometimes coherent, and he is easily confused and disoriented when he awakens.
He does not seem to be in any pain, and he has not had any coughing fits since we started the oxygen yesterday. Until a few days ago he was eating a lot, but now he is only eating a little. Though he is still eating lots of strawberries.

Marty is still sometimes uncomfortable with the fact that he needs a lot of help.  And he is not comfortable with the idea that he is putting other people out.  I know he would rather do the helping and the giving, but we are happy to be able to help him and make his time pleasant and comfortable. 

Changing conditions

The month of May was Good! It's the best we have seen Martin since we came the beginning of March to spend time with him. We planted the garden and Martin has enjoyed going down to do some of the watering and to see it beginning to sprout. We visited the landing zone for the paragliders where Martin was able to visit with a lot of his flying buddies. We made a couple of visits to Vancouver for some appointments. We have had lots of visits from friends and family, and a few dinners out. We are all so fortunate to have had this time to spend together.

This past week we have seen some changes in Martin. Pain continues to be a challenge, we are always monitoring and adjusting. There has been some more coughing, and more difficulty breathing so we now have an oxygen concentrator to make it a little easier. The palliative nurse tells us to watch for signs of seizures. The family doctor came for a visit on Saturday and had a long talk with us all. She told us that Martin may have weeks and perhaps only days but certainly not months! It was a very emotional day for us all. As parents it is so devastating to watch and we could not cope without help from Carolyn and Amy! Two very exceptional young ladies who provide Martin with so much love and support. We are eternally greatful for their help!
Anne (MOM)

Thinking positively

Thursday, May 26, 2011
This past week has been a good one for Martin. He is eating well and his voice has come back stronger since the radiation of his throat and chest. We are waiting to see what effects there will be from the radiation of his brain. So far he has not lost any hair as was expected but it is just over a week since then. What we have noticed is that Martin seems to have more energy and is doing more on his own. He still gets tired and has the odd pain break throughs but mostly in the early morning and they are dealt with quickly with his pain meds. His spirits are up especially when his friend Carolyn comes to visit. We are so thankful for each day!

good days

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Martin came home this past Weds May 18th from Vancouver, where he received 5 radiation treatments to his head and eyes over the previous week. He appears to have tolerated these treatments well so far. The trip home went fine and he was free of pain during the car ride.

The next day (Thursday) was a beautiful, sunny day. His parents suggested he rest from the journey but Marty was keen to get in the garden and feeling good after getting over some pain in the morning. We went to his community garden plot in the afternoon and did several hours of work there. We planted pretty much the whole thing so now it's just watering and waiting for the magic to happen. It was a great day for Marty in terms of energy and mobility. He felt comfortable later that night so he didn't seem to have overdone it.

The day after that, we took a trip to his friends Rob and Erin's place which is about a half-hour drive away. It was another hot sunny day. Rob was in his bee suit as they just got bees. We had a walking tour of their property, on trails they had made, and Marty was able to do the whole thing, which was about a half hour of gentle walking with lots of stops to look at things and rest. He had some pain in the night and next morning so may have overdone it a bit, but felt it was worth it as well. Right now it is about finding a balance between rest and activities, enjoying what he is able to do, and having some fun.

Certain things have improved from the last radiation treatment to his shoulder, in that he is breathing more comfortably now, coughing a lot less, and having no pain in that area. He has gotten used to his pain medications so they no longer sedate him so much. He is still having frequent pain in his hips/legs/lower back, which often disrupts his sleep. His vision in his left eye is still compromised by dark areas in his field of vision and some distortion. But on the whole he has reached a plateau at the moment it seems where he's doing and feeling relatively well. Because this could change at any time, we appreciate it all the more and focus on the beauty of the present moment.


New developments

Saturday, May 14, 2011
Martin continues to be challanged with pain! The radiation of Martin's chest and neck was a success as he no longer has pain in this area .. it has also helped with his breathing and coughing. The new challenge has been pain in his sacral and hip area. This has kept him up many nights recently. On May 11th we travelled to Vancouver for Martin's check up with the oncologist. We were informed the cancer drug Afinitor is not working. The next cancer drug to try will be Nexovar. We also met with Dr Sugar who is a palliative care doctor Martin has been seeing at the Loins gate hospital (extremely nice guy) to review medications. Several of the medications have been increased which is helping to control the pain. Martin has recently been having a problem with his left eye, so we had arranged for an appointment with a specialist the same day. After examination it was discovered that there are some masses in both of Martin's eyes and we were sent back to the oncologist who suggested Martin have some ratiation on these , and sent us for a scan. So all in all it was not a good day. We went home very tired, and emotionally drained.

The next day we got a call from the radiation oncologist Dr Sing ( Martin says she is the Julia Child of radiation oncology..... asian with an english accent, and a really nice lady) to arrange an appointment for the next day (friday 13th) to review the scan and to have the first of five radiation treatments. Martin`s cancer is unusual in that it has spread through the lymphatic system which has affected the lining of the brain and also the tissue behind the eyes. Therefore the whole brain has to be radiated. Her expectation is that the eyesight will not get any worse at best but may not improve, but if he did nothing he would eventually go blind. A special mask was made and he had his first treatment that day. It is truely amazing what they can do these days with all the specialized equipment! He had a second treatment Saturday morning (fortunately we had gone prepared to stay over) then returned to Pemberton. Martin will have three more treatments starting on Monday so we will be staying in Vancouver for those.

Martin also mentioned to Dr Sing about the pain in his hips and she sent him for an exray ..... she may also do some radiation there as well, at the same time, but it will only take one treatment.

The change in medications seems to be making Martin more comfortable but the radiation makes him very tired. We continue to go along day by day, thankful for the time we spend with Martin.

Anne Holloway (MOM)


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